Collection of ideas

I have a very important Word document saved on my desktop which contains ideas for blog posts, a long list of children’s book ideas, notes for a future memoir, a list of quotes that I might one day use in a book or blog post, a few inspirational emails sent to me through the years, revision ideas for MILO and my current manuscript, and a section entitled Book/Story/Research Ideas.

This is an odd collection of ideas for future novels (at least two that I am quite serious about), sociological experiments that I would one day like to conduct (an analysis on the number and type of compliments dispensed and received in a given week, broken down by the sex of the subjects, for example), reference material for future books, and some odds and ends like this:

  • Serve doggie treats from the West Hartford doggie bakery to my friends (the treats look so much like human cookies and pastries that they wouldn’t know until after they had begun chewing)
  • Take a typically stupid weather report of television and recreate it in my own vision
  • Create a line of infant greeting cards that actually appeal to the infants

Like I said, it’s an odd but very important collection of thoughts, but some are clearly more important than others.