Writer’s Digest feature

An article about me and my book, SOMETHING MISSING, appears in the July/August issue of Writer’s Digest. It’s great. A full-page article that includes a photograph of me (27 pounds heavier than I am today) and the cover art of the book, which always seems to excite my agent.

The author, Jordan Rosenfeld, writes about the process by which SOMETHING MISSING originated, the process my which I write in general, and some of my personal history and how it relates to Martin and his story. I’ve had stories written about me in newspapers before, and never has any writer gotten all the facts correct, but Rosenfeld has done it here, and she has done it well. She’s a good writer, and it turns out, a fiction writer as well as a journalist, columnist and editor.

The article also contains a lovely quote from my editor, which I will cherish on those days when the words and the pages come slow and hard.

I have yet to find a link to this story online and fear that the article might only be available in hardcopy form, which will lead me to wonder if I can scan and post it here or if they would violate some copyright law.

I’m checking.