Another review

Writer and teacher Jim Cullen recently reviewed SOMETHING MISSING for his blog and was kind enough to contact me and let me know that he had done so.  While I’m admittedly biased (especially considering the review is quite favorable), I found his comments about the book to be extremely insightful.  And it’s always an honor when someone takes the time to read and write about your book.   

I’ve also been asked by a couple readers if there have been any negative reviews that I have avoided posting here.  So far every review pertaining to SOMETHING MISSING that I have found or have been pointed to has been linked to or copied on this blog in its entirety.  There are a couple less-than-favorable reviews on Amazon if you’re looking for criticism, but one of the reviewers refers to the protagonist as Mark instead of Martin and implies that writing a novel in the third person is uncommon and difficult, so I don’t know how much stock I would put into that particular review. 

But there is certainly criticism of the book out there if you’d like to look hard.  Thankfully, it requires a diligent search, as almost every review so far has been extremely positive.