Skipping his best material

And while I’m on the subject of the Dylan concert, can I also add that I did not appreciate John Mellencamp’s set list, which did not include Jack and Diane, ROCK in the USA and Hurts So Good, which are his first, second, and fourth most popular downloads in the iTunes Music Store, and dare I say, three of his most famous songs of all time.

What was he thinking? Though I enjoyed his new music quite a bit, he can’t just ignore the fact that almost everyone in the audience grew up listening to his music in the 1980s, when he achieved his greatest level of fame, and that songs like Jack and Diane were favorites for almost everyone in the stadium that night.

This would be like going to a Dylan Thomas poetry reading and not hearing Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night.

Or going to a Robert Frost reading and not hearing The Road Not Taken.

Or going to a Billy Collin’s reading (finally someone alive) and not hearing Introduction to Poetry.

I’m sure that after twenty-five years, he might be tired of singing Jack and Diane.  I’m sure that he wants to be remembered for more than a few songs.  He may even want to promote new music in hopes of selling some albums.  But you cannot just ignore your fans or their desires. 

Play the new music, but leave time for the music that many of us came to hear as well.