The Hartford Courant reprinted last week’s front page article about SOMETHING MISSING in their i-Town magazine in the Sunday paper today.  The article also appeared on the Chicago Tribune’s website

I also found out that Bunch of Grapes, the independent bookstore on Martha’s Vineyard, has chosen SOMETHING MISSING as one of their staff picks.  Very exciting.  And I also found their blog to be quite interesting as well.     

Since the book first appeared in stores a little more than a week ago and the article was published in the Courant last Sunday, I’ve had many, many readers contact me to chat about the book, my writing process and my career, and almost as many people have stopped me in person to do the same.  Their messages  have been positive and encouraging, and I appreciate all of the communication. 

One of the most interesting of these people is a woman who picked up SOMETHING MISSING in Politikens Boghandel in Copenhagen.  She writes, “Politiken is a daily newspaper and the bookshop lies next to the town square, your book - together with some other English novels - on a table right by the door.”

The world certainly seems a little smaller when someone in Copenhagen can find my book on a table by the door.  And thanks to her, I am now a member of LibraryThing, and you can find my author page on the site.