A fine day

After a long day of fun and sun at Mystic Seaport on the Connecticut shoreline, including a stop in Bank Square Books, an independent book store where I was unable to purchase a copy of the New York Times (but saw their last copy of my book on the shelf), I stopped in at Borders Books just before closing, hoping that they might still have a copy or two.

Imagine being reviewed in the New York Times Sunday Book Review and failing to pick up a copy of the paper.  I was getting a little worried. 

But thankfully, Borders had plenty of copies left.  And though I was in a rush, I still took a moment to locate my book.  It doesn’t matter how many times I see SOMETHING MISSING in a store.  It’s still thrilling. 

There were three copies of the book on the New Fiction shelf, plus a handful of copies in the stacks, cover-side facing out. 

Two different and relatively prominent spots in the store.  I was feeling pretty good about myself. 

Then I saw this as I was standing in line, waiting to pay:

image image

Wow.  The store is relatively local, but still…  

I also received a message today from a reader who told me that for a time, SOMETHING MISSING had cracked the top 1,000 on Amazon’s nearly indecipherable ranking system of book sales, including hitting #15 in the humor category.  While the news was exciting, it’s more humbling to think that someone who has already read my book is taking the time to monitor how it’s doing for me.

Thanks to all who have been so kind and supportive.  You have helped to make nearly perfect days like today possible.