Forgotten Bookmarks (and a new book idea)

I can’t remember who to credit for pointing me to this, but Forgotten Bookmarks is a website where the owner of a used and rare bookshop posts the “personal, funny, heartbreaking and weird things” that he finds in the books that she buys.

It’s one of those sites where you can spend an hour in what feels like ten minutes. This is one of my favorites. 

And this led me to think of an idea for a book:

A protagonist who purposely leaves items of perceived sentiment, import and meaning for others to find. 

Perhaps a trickster who leaves falsified documents detailing an international spy ring in order to provoke a reaction from a neighbor or relative.

 Or an elderly woman who relives her pervious romances by faking love letters and leaving them in library books for others to find, or a writer who places innocent bystanders in fantastic, imagined scenarios through the placement of counterfeit letters and other forms of evidence and then documents their reaction to these scenarios.

I like all three ideas a lot. 

I have too many ideas for novels and not enough time to write them all.