Treats for Cindy

I have a list of future projects that I intend to someday complete. Many of the items are actually ideas for novels, characters, and plotlines. Also included in this list is an excellent idea for a coffee table book idea, an idea for a website, and at least two greeting card ideas.

Also, this item:

Serve friends doggie treats.

There is a Doggie Bakery in my town that sells doggie treats that looked exactly like human treats. Cookies, cupcakes and other delicious pastries.

At least there was such a bakery. I found out today that it has gone out of business.

I had originally planned on serving these doggie treats to my friend, Tom, but after careful consideration, I decided that the wrath of his wife, Liz, might be too much to bear. So I switched my target to a friend named Cindy. She’s probably more dangerous than Liz, and during the school year, she teaches next door to me, giving her ample opportunity to enact her possible revenge, but there’s something about a friend’s anger that I can handle.

A spouse’s anger, even if she is also a friend, can be a lot worse. Know what I mean?

And Cindy’s husband gave my plan his tacit approval, saying, “I’m not going to stop you, but I won’t protect you if she decides to kill you.”

See? That’s much better than an angry stare and the silent treatment from a friend’s wife.

Sadly, I did not act quickly enough, and so my opportunity is now lost.

One item off the list.