A day at the movies

My wife and I enjoyed the rare double feature today, managing to squeeze in Zombieland and The Informant all before 3:30 PM.  Zombieland turned out to be a private screening and The Informant had only one other couple in the theater with us.

Despite the dearth of eyeballs, both were excellent films.  Zombieland is outstanding.  Dare I say perfect.

The Informant, based upon a true story that I first heard on This American Life, was also very good.  I thought that the soundtrack and the overall pitch of the movie were a little off, but the story and performances were great.   

Seeing back-to-back movies, my wife and I were also subjected to a large number of movie trailers, including two different trailers for the upcoming disaster film 2012.  The trailer attached to Zombieland was a less than hopeful view of the destruction of the world, whereas the trailer attached to The Informant focused upon mankind’s continued survival against great odds.

Interesting how Hollywood views the audiences for Zombieland and The Informant as very different sets of people.    

I also noticed that the trailer to Zombieland, as it appears on the film’s official website, shows an alternate scene from the movie.  In the online trailer, a zombie-stripper is wearing considerably more clothing that in the actual film.

More movie trailer manipulation than I would have ever imagined.  

Speaking of movie trailers, my wife nearly cried upon viewing this movie trailer this afternoon.

Naturally, I did not.