Martin’s eBay expertise garners some attention

SOMETHING MISSING protagonist Martin Railsback poses as eBay power seller Barbara Teal, an empty nester with a love for high end fashion and a flair for the dramatic.  Martin uses eBay as a means of fencing some of his more valuable acquisitions. 

The muse for Martin’s alter-ego was my mother-in-law, Barbara Green, who is also an eBay power seller, specializing in high-end women's fashion.  Almost all of Martin’s skill and understanding with eBay comes from the experience of the real-life Barbara, and the eBay postings listed in the book are actually derived directly from some of my mother-in-law’s actual listings.

Recently, a representative from, a company that creates educational materials for prospective eBay users, discovered the book, read the section on Martin’s eBay exploits, and contacted me, asking for permission to write about the book and include one of Martin’s eBay listings in their post.

That post was published to their blog today.