Water Street Books

I spent last night at Water Street Books in Exeter, NH, discussing SOMETHING MISSING with a group of enthusiastic readers.  It’s a wonderful independent bookstore located along a quaint little street lined with shops and restaurants, and its owner, Dan, is as enthusiastic about books as they come.

Among the audience members was Brooks Sigler, author of FIVE FINGERED FICTION, and the person most responsible for arranging my appearance.  Even though we had not met until last night, she has been an amazing supporter of my work.  Brooks is the kind of writer who understands the importance of a writing community and looks to forge relationships with fellow writers.

Having gotten to know and spend some time with several writers since the publishing of my book, including Margot Berwin, Andrew Clements, and Elinor Lipman, I’ve found it incredibly rewarding and enlightening to discuss writing and the publishing industry with them.  Being an author is oftentimes a lonely gig, so even the short time I spent with Brooks last night was quite fun.  And though I ordered her book months ago, I will finally take it down off the shelf and begin reading now. 

My wife and I have been invited to a writer’s retreat in January, hosted by the owners of a Vermont bookstore, and I can’t wait.  I’ll be joining about half a dozen new authors for a weekend of dining, skiing, and talking about our books.

I can’t wait.  I don’t ski, but still, it sounds like fun.  I was once warned that skiing is like cocaine.  It’s expensive, addictive, and eventually you will get hurt.  This warning, combined with bad knees from years of missing the pole vaulting mats, has kept me off the slopes.  But the chance to meet some authors and discuss our books sounds perfect to me.

And if you are ever in Exeter, NH, be sure to stop by Water Street Books, say hello to Dan and pick up FIVE FINGERED FICTION.  There’s a large, comfy couch in the back where I settled in last night and wrote about 500 words of THE CHICKEN SHACK prior to the appearance.

I highly recommend it.