Dedication decision

Though I still adore the idea of dedicating UNEXPECTEDLY, MILO to myself, I have decided to abide by my wife’s wishes and do something different, though I reserve the right to dedicate a book to myself at some point in the future.  It’s rare that my wife doesn’t support one of my choices, as crazy as many seem to be, so when she advises me against a course of action, I try to listen. 

If she doesn’t like it, it must be bad. 

The reaction to the idea of a self-dedication was mixed.  Through Twitter, Facebook, email, the blog and personal contact (I wish people would just comment on the blog rather than using all these other venues), people seemed to fall into one of three camps:

1.  That’s hilarious!  Do it!

2.  Not funny, and it portrays you in a poor light.

3.  It’s an amusing idea, but you have the unique opportunity to do something special for someone in your life.  Don’t waste it on humor.

The third position was the one my wife assumed, and ultimately I agreed with her.

However, this left me wondering to whom I should dedicate the book.  I had several candidates, but none of them seemed right.  Then I took a shower last night, and as always, all good ideas come while I am in the shower.  A name popped into my mind as I applied shampoo to my hair and I instantly knew that this was the person for whom this book was meant to be dedicated.

Elysha agreed immediately. 

I’m going to leave this person’s identity a secret until the release of the book, because I love surprises, but suffice it to say that UNEXPECTEDLY, MILO will not be dedicated to me. 

For those who thought the idea was as funny as I do, sorry to disappoint.