Hoping for disaster. Again.

I plan on watching Oprah with my wife this evening, a talk-show that I never normally watch.  Elysha recorded Oprah’s interview with Sarah Palin, and I’ve been waiting to hear her speak about her new book, GOING ROGUE.

Just writing the title of the book makes me laugh.    

Admittedly, my desire to watch Sarah Palin speak in any capacity is akin to my desire to watch a NASCAR race:

I’m just waiting and hoping for the next spectacular crash and burn.

I can’t help it. I want another Katie Couric-Sarah Palin interview.  I want another impromptu, bizarre, nearly inarticulate resignation speech.  I want the hilarity of the Presidential campaign all over again. 

Those were good days.     

For those of you who did not catch the interview, here is an amusing account of the hour that she and Oprah spent together. 

Even if you did see the interview, it’s short and worth reading.