Write like Palin!

Slate is hosting a writing contest in which readers are asked to write like Sarah Palin. 


I wish I knew who at Slate should be credited with this idea.  The goal is to write a sentence that could be mistaken for one from her book.  The deadline is Wednesday. 

Slate defines the Palin style as “multiple references to local flora and fauna, heavy use of PSAT vocabulary, slightly defensive tone, difficult-to-parse meaning.” 

They also provide an example of such a sentence.  According to Slate's Going Rogue index, the worst sentence in the book (and presumably the most Palinesque) comes on Page 102: "As the soles of my shoes hit the soft ground, I pushed past the tall cottonwood trees in a euphoric cadence, and meandered through willow branches that the moose munched on."

If you decide to enter, would you be so kind as to share your entries here as well.  If I manage to write a respectable entry, I will do so as well.