My 2009 Christmas haul

My wife is the best gift giver ever, and particularly the best stocking stuffer of all time. My gifts from Christmas morning included:

1.  A signed first edition of Kurt Vonnegut’s A MAN WITHOUT A COUNTRY, with a rare illustrated signature.


2. Several clever golf accoutrements

3.  Christopher Myer’s modern adaptation of the Lewis Carroll’s THE JABBERWOCKY. I recite this poem from memory to our daughter quite often, so now I’ll have some images to go along with the words.

4. A game of poker played with specially-designed dice

5.  Lots of underwear, including one pair decorated with golf carts. “It’s time to retire some of your current supply of underwear,” she told me as I removed the third pair from my stocking. If your wife is going to make you throw away underwear, it’s always nice when she replaces it for you.

6.  A set of bookmark pens which are thin enough to use as bookmarks but still functional as writing implements

7. A pair of rearview spy glasses!  Competing with the signed first edition for my favorite gift this year!

Seriously, the woman knows exactly what to get me every year, without fail.