Broken eggs are always funny

I went to a place called Kidcity Children’s Museum with my wife and daughter this weekend.  It’s a giant indoor play area for kids, with rooms designed around certain themes like a sailing ship, an undersea world, and a fishery (magnet fish running throughout the room on conveyor belts!).   

One of the rooms is designed to look like a farm, and among the many activities in the room is one involving eggs that are surprisingly life-like.

100_1204 image

As I watched my daughter play with them, I suddenly had an idea: 

Return to Kidcity with half a dozen real eggs, add them to the pail of plastic eggs, and wait for the hilarity to ensue. 

I thought this was a brilliant idea, but the friend who accompanied me (and presumably my wife as well) did not, stating that only I would consider such a diabolical plan.

I disagreed on two points.

1.  I still think the egg gag would be quite amusing and relatively harmless.

2.  I don’t think that I’m the only person who would consider such a gag.  Check out what this man did to get a laugh in his neighborhood.  Genius!  Slightly twisted and potentially hazardous, but clever as well.   

Even if the police eventually made him remove it.