Resolution update: November 2009

In January of this year, I established a list of twelve New Year’s resolutions.  At the end of each month, I report on my progress as a means of holding myself accountable.

1. Finish my second novel before my birthday in mid February.

Done since mid-February, sold in June, and revisions completed in September.  I have since returned my attention to book #3, which I would like to have finished in 2009.

2. Live a healthier lifestyle. Specifically:

· At least thirty minutes of aerobic exercise three times a week.

· Strength training at least three times a week.

· Three servings of fruits or vegetables a day.

· Lower my cholesterol so that it is no longer in the borderline high range.

· Continue to seek out opportunities to participate in organized sports

I exercised for at least thirty minutes on 28 of the 30 days in November, including half a dozen rounds of golf, a bunch of pick-up basketball games, two flag football games, and many, many hours on a variety of cardio machines at the gym.  I only managed five days of strength training as I’m suffering from an inflamed and possibly torn MCL in my elbow.

I ate three servings of fruits and vegetables on just 4 of the 30 days.

As stated previously, I lowered my cholesterol significantly this year but will not have another test until December.  

3. Rid Elysha and myself of all education debt before the end of the year.

Funds to achieve this goal may become available soon.  But the end of the year is fast approaching, so this resolution may roll over into 2010. 

4. Beat Jeff or Tom in one round of golf.

Success!  Last week I defeated Jeff in a nine hole round, shooting a 50 in comparison to his 52.  I led for most of the round, shooting six bogies but no pars, but I fell behind by two strokes on the final hole after a dreadful 9 on a par 5.  I thought I was finished.  But Jeff hit his tee shot into the water and managed to uncharacteristically chip across the green, allowing me to win with five perfect shots, making par to end the round.

I published my first book this year, sold another, and welcomed my baby girl into the world, but beating Jeff in a round of golf might top all these accomplishments.  

5. Floss every day.

Still haven’t missed a day since December of 2007.

6. Go to at least twelve movies this year, thus debunking the myth that the parents of newborns are no longer able to go out to the movies.

I’ve managed to run the total up to 14 now, Catching Zombieland (an outstanding film) and The Informant on a double feature Saturday with my wife.  My critics complained that the first two movies of the year were seen before Clara was born, so they should not count,  But with these two films under my belt, my total is now a dozen movies post-Clara, which should quiet the critics. 

7. Replace the twelve ancient windows on the first and second floor of the house with more energy efficient ones.

We had a guy out for an estimate last month and will probably have a couples others soon.   What wasn’t looking likely a short time ago is now looking possible.

8. Cook at least one meal a week for Elysha.

Not a single meal cooked in September, though Elysha has offered me dispensation on this resolution considering my work load.  But is that really an excuse to fail?

9. Eat at least three bowls of oatmeal a week in order to lower my cholesterol.

Zero bowls of oatmeal in November.  This is my most disappointing failure of the year.  I like oatmeal.  I like it a lot.  What’s wrong with me?

10. Write for at least two hours every day without exception.


11. Make one mortgage payment from poker profits

I’, halfway there with a month to go…  Writing has simply proven to be more profitable, so justifying the time it takes to win is difficult. 

12. Post my progress in terms of these resolutions on this blog on the first day of every month.

I actually missed October completely, but I’ve posted for November!