Timing is everything

Just as the Miami Dolphins tied the score, sending their game against Tennessee into overtime (annoying me immensely), my Google Alert pointed me to this delightful post on The Official Gordon Korman Web Site. It read:

I quite accidentally stumbled across this writer, and I’m glad I did. Matthew Dicks is the first author in a long time that held my interest the same way GK does. I finished the book in 2-3 days, and GK’s the only other author who’s books I finish that fast.

This is Mathew’s first novel and I look forward to his next one. Something Missing is about an obsessive-compulsive thief who ends up trying to help out his ‘clients’, as he calls them. Well worth picking up. You would definitely be ‘missing something’ if you didn’t.”

It’s always great to hear that someone enjoyed my book, but it seems as if the universe constantly conspires to send me these snippets of goodwill at just the right moment.

And just as I finished reading the post, the Titans kicked a game winning field goal, making it a nearly perfect football Sunday.

Nearly perfect because I was supposed to be in Buffalo with a couple friends today, watching my Patriots crush the Bills on their own turf, but confusion on the calendar left me stuck in Connecticut, spinning tunes at a wedding.

It didn’t make up for the missed trip, but the literary and football Gods seemed to be in perfect alignment this weekend, which helped.