A real life Martin?

If you are a fan of SOMETHING MISSING, then read this post by Greg Allen.  I don’t know the man, but based upon his view on rotating dishes, it sounds as if he could be Martin Railsback’s twin.

From his longer post:

“So we have dinner, take down a couple of plates, wash them, dry them, put them back. Have soup more rarely, take down a couple of bowls--big? small?--put them back.

And this is what I sometimes worry about: do I put them back on top of the stack? Do I put the bowls back in the empty front spot on the shelf? Because if I do that, then guess which dishes are going to get reached for the next time? That's right, the same ones.

So do I rotate them, put the dishes away at the bottom of the stack? Because the glass dessert plates are underneath the glass dessert bowls, and that means lifting the entire thing up and/or out to put the plates underneath. And the dinner plates are kind of snug under a rack that holds the salad plates, not so easy to get--anyway, I'm rationalizing now; the reality is, I don't really rotate the dishes that much. Not as much as I feel I should.”