I’m currently proofreading UNEXPECTEDLY, MILO.  This is my last chance to make changes, and they cannot be big ones.  A word here or a word there at most.  Everything else is pretty much set in stone. 

It’s an unnerving process for me.  Walt Whitman once famously said that a poem isn’t finished until the poet is dead, but once my book is proofread, it’s done, whether I like it or not.

No going back. 

On page two, I found the the following descriptor:

“…sweating uncontrollably”

Really, Matt?  How the hell does anyone have any control over the degree to which they are sweating?  You can sweat profusely, perhaps.  But not uncontrollably. 

And how did I fail to notice this during the first dozen reads through the manuscript.   

Sweating uncontrollably. 

See why I am so nervous?