Siblings or Dating?

I received a decanter at a recent Yankee swap.  Apparently it is used to keep water at the one’s bedside.  Everyone at the party over fifty years of age identified it immediately. 

No one under fifty had a clue what it was.

image image

For a while, I had my hands on the gift that I had brought to the swap, which was the most sought over gift.  Naturally.  It was Operation, the iconic board game that turns players into would-be surgeons, “Now with silly sound FX!”

Old Operation Game

Attached to the box was a coupon for a free Dominos pizza.  Not my doing.  It was already attached to the game, keeping me under the $10 limit. 

A pizza AND a game, all for under ten bucks?  Clearly the best gift, though my wife’s snowball chucker gave it a run for its money.

Anyway, I eventually lost Operation and got stuck with this admittedly re-gifted decanter.  My initial instinct was to throw it away, but I eventually found a use for it.

I’m going to create a blog that highlights one hundred uses for this decanter.  This will require me to come up with one hundred different uses for the damn thing, but as I do, I will take photos of each use, describe it briefly, and post it on the web. It could just end up as a pet project for me, a minor amusement, but sometimes these kinds of quirky blogs really take off. 

One of my recent favorites when it comes to these kind of blogs is Siblings or Dating, a site that posts often-strange photos of men and women and prompts you to guess if the couple are siblings or dating.  The concept is amusing enough, but some of the photos, like this one, are priceless.  


I’ll let you know when the blog is up and running.