Thick skin

In the last month, the following has been said to me by some of my closest friends:

This would be much easier to solve if I didn’t have to worry about you using your powers for evil and self interest.

You are potentially the most offensive person I know.

Your happiness is like balancing an equation.  For each unit of happiness you achieve, someone else suffers.

Your protagonist isn’t very likeable.  Maybe he’s too much like you.

I’m sorry, but you you usually make a terrible first impression and it takes a long time for people to like you.  If ever.

You, thinking of others? I don't believe it for a second.

I’m not saying that any of this isn’t true or that I’m offended in any way by the remarks that were made, but I’m always surprised at the ease by which people say these things without any concern for upsetting or offending me in the process.