A novel idea about a novel idea

I’m lucky.  I have a lot of ideas for books.  Lots and lots and lots.  I just need more time to write them all.  As I attempt to wrap up my third book over this upcoming vacation, these ideas have begun to crowd my brain, each one vying for the top spot. 

Invariably, I will choose two or three ideas and combine them in some way to create a more compelling story, but I for long time, I thought was pretty set on what my next book would be.  It’s an idea that I like a lot, and my wife and agent liked it when I proposed it six months ago.

Then a new idea came to mind about three days ago while I was monitoring students at recess.  It’s a slight departure from my first three books in terms of theme and content, but it would be character-driven and focused primarily upon a single character, which seems to be my bread and butter.  And it’s this new idea, and specifically this new character, who has been consuming most of my recent mental energy.  I mentioned it to Elysha a couple nights ago and she seemed to tentatively approve, pending more details. 

Then, on a whim, I sent a summary of this new idea to my agent, wondering what she thought of it.  This evening I received her response:


Dear Matt,



It was admittedly a stronger reaction than I had anticipated, but it was also one that I was exceedingly pleased to see.

Taryn likes it. 

And in my world, the hierarchy is:

1.  I like an idea.

2.  My wife likes an idea.

3.  Taryn likes an idea.

4.  Everyone else can go to hell.  

So it would seem that I’m off to a good start.