Brilliant band names

Bon Jovi and Van Halen are ingenious band names. 

Both names are derived from the last names of the founding members of the bands (Jon Bon Jovi and Eddie and Alex Van Halen), but both names have also become separate and distinct identities in their own right.

That is, when someone mentions Bon Jovi, you don’t automatically think of Jon or his brief solo career.  Instead but you think of the entire band as a whole.  Bon Jovi is not one guy.  It’s a group of five guys.   

Similarly, when someone mentions Van Halen, you’re probably just as likely to think about Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth as you are to think about the Van Halen brothers.


In both cases, the founding members receive lead billing while avoiding the impression that the band is essentially a solo act with a less-than-important cast of backup characters. 

Of course, this apparently only works if your last name consists of two words, the first being of the three letter, consonant-vowel-consonant variety.

Unless I’m forgetting an equally brilliant band name.