GAME CHANGE’s alliteration not quite music to my ears

I’m listening to Mark Halperin and John Heilemann’s GAME CHANGE, the insider account of the 2008 election, and I’m enjoying it quite a bit.

But the amount of alliteration that the authors apply to their audacious account is atrocious. 

See what I mean?

In the span of three minutes, I heard the following alliterative phrases in chapter 4 alone:

Putative priapism

Slow simmer

Gusher of gossip

Loudly livid

Putative peccadilloes

I’m not even sure if loudly livid is grammatically correct.  Doesn’t livid connote a state of being, and if so, how can one express a state of being with increased volume?

Perhaps it’s because I’m listening to the book rather than reading it, but these alliterative phrases are pounding me on the head like a plate of poisonous platypus platitudes.