Heroic me

Last month, a groom told me on his wedding day that he considers me his hero and role model, based upon information about my life that he recently learned, and that he hopes to model his life after mine.

How does one respond to a statement like this? Half a dozen choices that ran through my mind included:

1. Do you have any idea how many people don’t like me?

2. Have I told you that I still can’t change the oil in my car or hit a decent tee shot to save my life?

3. Did you know that in college, I would attempt to finish exams as quickly as possible in order to crush the spirits of my fellow classmates, some of whom were my actual friends?

4.  Did I mention that I spent most of my fourth grade year locked in a cubicle, thinking it was a privilege? 

5. Have you seen the way I dress when I’m not in this tuxedo?

6. Finally, someone has realized my greatness.