Upcoming events

Next month I will be speaking at my hometown library as part of a program that is geared at offering an education in writing and publishing to anyone interested in attending.  Local author Peter Cimini will talk about writing his first novel, THE SECRET OF OPI on March 22, and I will follow up his talk with one of my own on Wednesday, March 31. 

It appears that a large number of people have already registered for both events (though registration is not required), so it should be a fun evening of discussion.  if you’re in the area, drop on by and say hello.

In conjunction with the program, I will also be conducting a pair of evening classes on writing with local high school students as well.  While I adore my job as a fifth grade teacher, I can also see myself teaching high school or college English someday, so these classes should give me an interesting peek into the world of the high school English student.

Additional information about these upcoming events can be found in a recent article in the New Britain Herald.