Two-dimensional parades

I am sitting here, listening to my wedding guest complain about the quality of the broadcast of the Hartford Saint Patrick’s Parade today. Though I am refraining from commenting, I want to shout, “It was a parade! If you wanted to see the damn thing, get your ass curbside!”

We’re talking about a local television station broadcasting a local parade once a year to about twelve people, five of whom live in my friend’s home. I can’t imagine that Channel Irrelevant has an enormous budget set aside for this telecast, nor can I imagine that advertisers pay a great deal to have their products featured during the airing of this parade.

If you don’t like the way that the channel broadcasts the news or the weather, then complain. This is what the station is supposed to do. But televising parades? You’re lucky that they are even airing it at all.

And don’t get me started on the lunacy of watching a parade on television. What’s next?

Checking out Vermont’s fall foliage or visiting the Grand Canyon via channel 2?

There are certain events and locales that were meant to be seen live.

Parades are one of them.