Witticisms or lacking wit?

There's an iPhone application called iQuote which is essentially a database of thousands of quotations from famous and intelligent people, and one by Angelina Jolie which I am surprisingly fond of:

If I think more about death than some other people, it's probably because I love life more than they do.

I think about death a lot, too. 

The software allows me to rate each quote, email them to myself and friends, and categorize them according to my need.

I know it sounds like a simple concept, but I love it, and I use it all the time.  Whenever  I have three minutes or less to kill, I'll pop it open and gather some wisdom from years gone by.

Or become annoyed at famous people for their stupidity. 

I've decided to write to the creators of this software and attempt to have one of my own quotes included in the database, the first step on my path to Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, one of my Plan A goals.  I've assembled half a dozen for your review, culled from writing that I’ve done over the past five years.  I'd love to know which, if any, you think are worthy of submitting.

1.  Nothing convinces me about the stupidity of human beings more than driving in the vicinity of the mall on a Saturday.

2.  I am more impressed with the quality of a person’s questions than with the quality of their answers.

3.  It is all about me, but you’re welcome to occupy space.

4.  Spock said that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, but what if the many are all incredibly stupid?

5,  You can determine the effectiveness of a teacher by the frequency by which you can enter the classroom and speak to the teacher without grinding learning to a halt.

6.  If you are not delegating enough, you are not lazy enough.