Carl Linnaeus is rolling over in his grave

Have you ever noticed the Petco sign? image

Note the tag line beneath the store name.

Supplies (dot) Fish & Grooming.

How did the geniuses who designed this sign rationalize this choice and separation of words?

Let’s start with the word Supplies. Isn’t this sort of obvious? Did the executives at Petco think that consumers might assume that the store sells animals but absolutely nothing else pertaining to the care of these pets?

Fish but no fish tanks?

Hamsters but no wheels?

Birds but no perches?

Then they chose to indicate a single pet category (fish), even though it’s one of many, and attach it to the word grooming. Two completely incongruous words unceremoniously joined by an ampersand like some shotgun wedding of advertising ineptitude.

Bizarre. Don’t you think? Fish & Grooming. How do these to ideas ever go together? I’m sitting here, trying to come up with a rationalization, any rationalization, for this sign and can come up with nothing.

As strange, far-fetched or unlikely as it might be, can anyone propose any reasoning behind this inexplicable piece of signage and advertising?