Ruining marriages everywhere

There’s a billboard that I drive by almost every day that reads:

What Have You Done For Your Marriage Today?

Pictured on the billboard is this image:


Billboards featuring the same message around the country look like this:


I ask you: Could the designers have chosen three more stupid-looking poses for this ad campaign?

Or three more ridiculous expressions?

“Assume a contemplative stare!  No!  More contemplative!  Not enough contemplation!  I’m talking stereotypical contemplative!”

Seriously. These three people look like they were plucked from a 1980’s family- hour sitcom.

Debuting this fall:  Beatrice and the Boys

Senior citizen bachelorette and canasta champion Beatrice Buggles must learn to adjust when Dale, a gay electrician and Darius, a former California medical marijuana farmer turned non-rhyming rapper, rent rooms in her Floridian bungalow.  Old and young, traditional and anything-but must learn to live under the same roof.

Are we expected to believe that any of these people could even find a spouse who could love them?