Working for free

All of my New Year's resolutions pertain to personal goals that, if achieved, will yield a happier, healthier, more financially successful version of myself. 

Not a single speck of altruism can be found amongst any of my sixteen goals, and I thought this was just fine.  

But it turns out that other people are more charitable than me. 

One person has decided that his New Year’s resolution is to make an infographic for every episode of This American Life ever made. “The idea is to expand and add context to the stories and information contained in the shows.”

I’m sorry, but I cannot understand the desire to do this much work without some sort of monetary compensation.  I admire the effort, but I cannot comprehend it.   

Unless, of course, this crafty and charitable individual could have begun this project as a means of garnering attention and bringing customers to his design business, and if this is the case, well played, sir.  This American Life has already linked to his page from their website and are undoubtedly driving traffic his way.

Either way, I adore This American Life and greatly appreciate the infographics.