Things that I can’t imagine not doing when I’m dead include: Music… the thought that I will never again hear the music of Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Cat Stevens, Springsteen, The Who, Van Morrison, or the Stones just kills me.

Sports… I try to imagine the thought of shooting a basketball or hitting a golf ball for the last time. Or watching my last baseball game on a brilliant June afternoon or a Patriots' touchdown on a frigid Monday night. Someday that will happen to me, and I may never know when that final shot or swing is taking place. I love sports so much, and the thought that this joy will one day be taken away saddens me more than you can imagine.

Learning… After I am dead, the world will move on without me.

How dare it do so?

Presidents will be elected, wars will be fought, diseases will be cured, and mankind will travel to the stars. And at some point, all this will be taking place without my knowledge.

It ain’t fair.

I hate death.