Outsourcing my underwear

It’s a problem that most men face.  We purchase underwear and socks and then forget about ever purchasing another pair, assuming that our current supply will get us through the rest of our lives. 

Then one day I hear my wife call out from the laundry room.  “I’m throwing out this pair of boxers.”

“Why?” I ask.  “I love those boxers!”

“Because you’ve worn them down to the point that they are transparent.  I could drive a truck through one of the holes in them.”


Then one day we open our sock-and-underwear drawer and discover that our once plentiful supply of socks and underwear is severely depleted, necessitating another trip to the store lest we find ourselves going commando for the day.

Not anymore.

Manpacks is a company that sends a pre-selected supply of new underwear, socks and undershirts to your home every three months. allowing you to replace those items that most men never get around to throwing away. 

Just imagine: A fresh supply of undergarments arriving every ninety days without having to lift a finger.  And without having to make the conscious decision to remember. 

Brilliant!  And just in time for Father’s Day! 

I want my entire life to function this way.

Groceries delivered to my doorstep each week without a thought.

Lunches delivered to work each day just as I enter the lunchroom. 

Gasoline delivered via tanker-truck to my driveway every week to top off my tank. 

The latest and greatest music automatically delivered to my iPhone upon its release.

My next child delivered to the home via stork, without all that messiness of the usual delivery process.   

But for now, I’ll be happy with my soon-to-arrive Manpack. 

And I suspect that my wife will be even more pleased.