Road kill punch

In my younger days, I dated a girl who attended North Adams State College, now known as Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. In those days, the school was known for its parties, so I made many trips up north to visit her.

The most memorable party of the bunch was held at a frat house on a rainy Friday night. The frat boys had gone out days before the party and had scraped some road kill off the highway. They took this disgusting mess and froze it into the center of an enormous block of ice, mixing in some green food coloring with the goop as well.

A day before the party, they froze this lime-green block of ice inside another, larger block of clear ice and placed the whole thing in a tub of spiked punch as the party began. Our goal was to empty the tub of punch before the ice melted down to the green slab of road kill.

It was a foul and horrendous idea, but you have to admire the creativity.