Say no to Fiji

Please stop drinking Fiji water. Please.

At a recent conference on water scarcity and climate change, participants were offered Fiji water.

Jen Phillips of Mother Jones writes:

Fiji, need we remind you, is an island where water supplies are scarce and locals have struggled to find clean, reliable supplies of drinking water. Meanwhile, Fiji Water owns the rights to the island's largest underground aquifer, drawing water into its diesel-fueled factory and bottling it using heavy-weight plastic.

Not to mention that the bottles are then flown across an ocean of water in order to reach the United States.

Fiji’s website claims that in an effort to give back to the community, they are “expanding access to clean, safe drinking water to communities throughout Fiji.”

Why not just stop taking millions of gallons of clean, fresh drinking water out of the country every year?

Tap water, people. It’s fine.

I believe the only response to someone drinking Fiji water is a public shaming. If someone would like to propose a means of doing this that will not make me look like a jerk, I would appreciate it very much.