Big geek

My friend, Phil, pointed out that my geek factor was off the charts this morning. This is the nice Phil. Not the mean Phil of the T-Rex disparagements and inability to beat me in golf.

Nice Phil is right. My geek factor was indeed off the charts today.

When my headphones ceased functioning this morning, I was desperate.  The thought of a twenty minute walk without my staple of listening pleasure was too much to bear, so I went into the winter supply drawer and extracted a pair of earmuffs with build-in headphones.

Praying that no one would see me, I proceeded to walk my dog around the neighborhood wearing my earmuffs and listening to a series of three podcasts:

The Economist’s podcast on the state of North Korea.

A technology podcast from

The New Yorker’s weekly comment podcast, this week dealing with the argument that some economists make about avoiding college

Earmuff-clad geek walking around, listening to people talk about politics, technology and economics. And forgetting that they were earmuffs, I wore then right into CVS, where I purchased a new pair of headphones before realizing that I still had earmuffs wrapped around my head.