Childhood bogeyman returns

When I was a kid, my town and the surrounding communities were terrorized by the Blackstone Valley sniper. For a period of about two years, someone was firing a rifle into picture windows at the silhouettes standing behind the curtains. For a while, I remember being forced to leave the lights turned off by my parents in fear that we may present a target for the lunatic. In my childhood memory, the sniper just went away, replaced by other childhood concerns, but after a nightmare last night that resurrected the gunman, I found myself searching for information about the subject this morning.

And shockingly, I found it quite easily.

It turns out the Blackstone Valley sniper was actually two men, who are in the midst of 40 and 45 year sentences for their crimes.  There was a total of eleven shootings from 1986-1987, and though no one was killed, four people were wounded in the attacks.

A piece of parental advice:

Parents should tell their kids when bad guys get caught. It may prevent an future evening of terrifying nightmares.