Farmer’s tan

A few of my friends were recently bemoaning their farmer’s tan. Basically, it’s the tan that one acquires by wearing a tee-shirt in the sun. Quite common for those of us who play golf and spend time working or playing outdoors. I attempted to diffuse their concern over this condition by illustrating that it is not a big deal, and that the desire to even out one’s tan is a little silly. Not only this, but a farmer’s tan is often the sign of someone who does something productive outdoors rather than lounging in the sun.

In short, it should be considered a badge of honor.

They countered:

Imagine a beautiful woman in a halter top or a strapless dress, going off to a fancy dinner affair, with her forearms, head and neck tan but the rest of her pale as a ghost. What would you think?

I offer two options:

1. Oh, look. That woman must have worn a tee-shirt while sitting in the sun recently. Or perhaps she plays golf or is a runner or cyclist. Either way, she’s still beautiful. Only a vain, petty, image-obsessed moron would judge her otherwise.

2. Check out that uncultured skank! What could she be thinking, walking around with a tan like that? Doesn’t she know that we are all staring at her, laughing at those ridiculous tan lines, and thinking less of her? It’s a shame. There’s real beauty there, but it’s invisible beneath that god-awful farmer’s tan.

Of all the image-obsessed things that people already focus upon in this world, must we add the farmer’s tan to the list?