In twenty-five years…

… we will wonder why everyone in the world was obsessed with vampires. … we will fail to understand why people opted to eat raw fish when perfectly good cooked fish was readily available.

… we will be amazed (like my generation is about cigarettes) that people didn’t assume that the use of a cell phone would eventually cause cancer.

… we will consider it bizarre and archaic that marriage was not available to all couples regardless of their sexual preference.

… we will still wonder what John McCain was thinking when he chose Sarah Palin as his running mate.

… we will stand agog at the remarkably primitive voting devices that our technologically-advanced nation continued to use even after the 2000 Presidential election.

… people will wonder what hallucinogenic, mind-reducing drug was added to the water supply to cause hordes of otherwise normal people to spend their precious, never-to-be-recovered time on Facebook games like Farmville.