Please explain Mr. Jobs

When entering a new phone number into a contact list on the iPhone, the user is given the choice of identifying the origin of the number as:

Work, home, mobile, main, fax, pager, other or iPhone.

I love my iPhone, and thanks to the excellent 3G service that we enjoy in Connecticut, I have very few problems with the device.  But this is one. 

Simply put, it’s obnoxious and ridiculous for Apple to make iPhone an option in the contact list. 

While I understand the value of differentiating between a work, home or mobile number, who chooses the iPhone option over the mobile one when entering a contact?

What’s the benefit?

“Hold on, honey.  Let me dial Jack’s iPhone.”

“Oh, look. Jane is calling me from her iPhone.”

Seriously, Mr. Jobs. What the hell were you thinking?