Too close for comfort

From time to time my in-laws have debated moving from their sizable home in the Berkshires into a 350 square foot, single room apartment that they own in Manhattan.  

I tried to convince them to purchase the small house next door to us when it was for sale about a year ago, but they thought I was crazy.  Some of my friends and family agreed, unable to imagine living next door to in-laws regardless of the positivity of our relationship, but I had a series of flag-based signals ready to keep things civil if they ever decided to move in. 

Red:  Stay away.

Yellow:  Come over if you’d like.

Green:  Get your ass over here now.

Obey the flags and we would’ve had no problems.

But they missed their chance, a golden opportunity, and now they have a single room apartment staring them in the eye. 

With a house busting at the seams with a lifetime collection of furniture, clothing, art, electronics and assorted stuff, in addition to their two dogs, we’re relatively certain that my mother-in-law and father-in-law will kill each another if they ever attempt to move into such a small space.  Even so, I am always on the lookout for ways to make their potential living situation better.

Behold the absolute genius of this space-saving furniture designer.  My wife and I have plenty of room in our home at the moment, but being a minimalist, I’d still love to have this furniture gracing my rooms.