Ultimate business conversion

CHICKEN SHACK features a funeral home turned fried chicken restaurant and was inspired by the conversion of Blackstone Potato Chips to a funeral home in the town in which I grew up. 

I’ve written about other odd business combinations and conversions, including a movie theatre turned hotel, a laundromat/restaurant/bar, and a publishing house/tutoring center/pirate supply shop and a barber shop/gun shop

And now I have a new conversion to add to the list:

An elementary school turned strip club

From the New York Times:

Signs on the wall at the old Pioneer School here seem not to have not changed much since the ’80s. A multiplication table hangs on one wall, a copy of the Constitution on another.

But near the entrance to the cafeteria, where generations from this central Illinois farming community took their school lunches, one sign reveals just how dramatically the yellow brick building’s role has shifted: “Our dancers are entertainers not prostitutes so don’t ask!!!”

There’s most assuredly a story in here somewhere.