Animated Jewish philosopher

A reader recently asked me why I was using a South Park character as my profile photo on Goodreads and on several other social networks. I had to explain that this was not just any South Park character. It was me.

A few years ago, Elysha took the time to "South Park" us. She did a fine job. Don’t you think?

Southparkeloise Southparkme

We adore South Park. In fact, a few years ago we both came to the grudging and almost sacrilegious conclusion that South Park was better than The Simpsons. This didn't mean that The Simpsons wasn’t good. Just that South Park was better.

It wasn’t an easy thing to admit.

South Park played an important role in one of the most important moments of our lives:

Our wedding.

I made several toasts at our wedding, including one to Elysha’s grandmother, one to my in-laws and one to all of my friends. The only family member present for my nuptials was my sister, so I wanted to let my many friends know how important they are in my life.

They really are like family to me.

In toasting them, I said, “To quote the famous philosopher… the famous Jewish philosopher Kyle Broflovski …”

(At this, I saw several of Elysha’s relatives nod in Jewish approval as my friends tittered with glee)

“…Family isn’t about whose blood you have. It’s about who you care about.”

The philosopher who I referenced is indeed Jewish, but he is also animated.