Cruelty on display

Conversation between me and two cashiers, a dorky, teenage male and a slightly overweight, generally unattractive teenage female, at Border’s Books and Music.

The dorky male was scanning my purchases while the girl was waiting for the next customer.  I recorded the conversation as best as I could remember as soon as I stepped into the parking lot.


Dork:  (speaking to Ugly Girl) Hey, can I have your IM screen name?

Ugly Girl:  I don’t think so. There’s too many creepers online who have been creeping on me lately.

Me:  (to Ugly Girl) Do you think this guy is a creeper?

Ugly Girl:  No… he’s not a creeper.

Me:  Then why not share your screen name?

Ugly girl:  (turning to Dork) Maybe I’ll give you my fake name, the one I give the creepers, or if you give me your screen name, maybe I’ll send you a message someday.

Dork:  Okay! Great!  

Me:  (to Dork) Could you tell me where I might find books on self-respect and dignity?

Dork:  Huh?

Me:  Never mind.