I was right! (insert self-congratulatory jig)

I received the following email (links added by me) from a reader this morning, who gave me permission to post it here absent his or her name: _____________________________________

Your post entitled Top 3 Blogger on this Blog really upset me. I thought that it was- and that’s where I got stuck. It was- rude? No. Condescending? No.  Inaccurate? This is where I thought my hopes lay. But then I had to admit that it wasn’t inaccurate, either. In the end, I realized that I was angry because it was true. I am a guy who likes to say “my jeweler.”

I’m taking a vow to never use those two words again. And you’re right. I think the only people I’m impressing with those words are the ones who also like to say “my jeweler.” And they tend to be my least favorite people.

Damn you and your highly-attuned magnifying glass on the world.

But at least I knew what a combine harvester was. Jerk.


There’s nothing I admire more than a person who is willing to submit himself to honest self-examination.

And there’s nothing I like more than being right.