Organ swapping?

How about this for an idea? Every year thousands of people die waiting for kidney and other organ transplants. It’s tragic considering how many of us have an extra kidney just waiting to be transplanted.

Even more tragic:

Think about the number of perfectly good kidneys that are lost when patients die while waiting for heart, liver, pancreas and lung transplants each year.

Here’s my plan:

If you are awaiting an organ of any kind other than a kidney (heart, liver, pancreas, lung, intestines, eyes) and are willing to donate one of your kidneys while waiting, you get moved up the list.

Yes, many people who are awaiting organs are far too sick to undergo a transplant surgery, but this is not always the case. People awaiting eyes, for example, are often in perfectly good health other than their inability to see.

Why not offer them a deal:

A kidney in exchange for a better shot at an eye?

And if you you're perfectly healthy and donate a kidney and one day find yourself in need of an organ, you get first spot on the list.

Give people a reason to donate these unneeded kidneys.

See any flaws in my plan?