Contest runner-up #2

Cheryl Harris entered my biography contest with this entry, which I adore, perhaps a little too much. Since author bios are ordinarily assumed to have been written in part by the author, this one was simply too self-congratulatory for my purposes. I feared that I would sound like a pompous ass.

But I appreciate the sentiments expressed here and will save this bio for a day when my characters refuse to behave, my plot is unwinding and my authorial doubts begin to consume my thoughts.

This bio is bound to make me feel better.

MATTHEW DICKS is today’s Mark Twain. The author of SOMETHING MISSING and UNEXPECTEDLY MILO values knowledge, but does not accept society’s answers for wisdom. Despising political correctness, he is an astute observer of social systems and people’s values, whether he agrees with their ethos or not, and loves to comment on the foolishness he observes. His non-conformist attitude is clear in his blog at: where he welcomes interaction. As an award-winning teacher (2005 West Hartford’s Teacher of the Year), Matthew also enjoys shaping the minds of fifth-graders.

When not engaged in social construction with young people, he connects socially throughout Connecticut as owner and operator of a DJ company performing at weddings, despite being a self-proclaimed misanthrope. Mr. Indestructible (doesn’t bruise or vomit and has been brought back from death twice) enjoys golf with friends and shooting hoops with former students. He makes his home in Newington, CT, where he shares space with wife Elysha, daughter Clara, Lhasa Apso Kaleigh, and enormous, slightly insane house cat Owen. For more information, please visit Matthew’s website at