Easy peezy lemon squeezy

I was just asked by someone who reads my blog and follows me on Twitter why everything seems so easy for me. My response:

1. Everything is not easy for me. Just watch me play golf.

2. I enjoy challenges. This is why I play golf. And it’s why I may give the impression that things are easy for me. I like it when things are hard.

3. Circumstances in my life have provided me with great perspective, so things never seem as bad or difficult to me as they seem to for others. As a result, I worry and complain a little less than some, and this may give the illusion that things are easy for me.

4. I have an OUTSTANDING relationship with my highly competent wife, and we support one another in ways that I don’t think people fully realize. When you embrace genuine equality and unselfish sacrifice in your relationship, things can look pretty easy. And when you marry someone who is unflinching, unfailing, calm, collected, and competent, life can look extremely easy.

5. Anyone who knows me well knows that my life has been anything but easy.  If things seem easy for me now, perhaps it’s just the universe evening things out.

A good example:

A guy at my bookstore appearance last night said he half-expected to watch me die while I was speaking based upon my personal history. “Or at least get mugged, robbed, shot, blown-up or abducted by aliens.”

“That’s not very nice,” a woman said.

“You don’t know this guy,” the man said. “He’s like a walking time bomb.”

“It’s true,”I admitted.

It hasn’t always been easy.