Maniac behind the wheel

I was watching the highway chase scene from The Matrix Reloaded while getting dressed yesterday.  A few minutes later I was in my car, driving down the road like the character, Morpheus, from the movie.  My blood was pumping, my adrenaline was rushing, and I was shifting through the gears like a madman, accelerating faster than necessary, looking for opportunities to weave in between slower moving traffic.

It was insane.

I literally had to pull over and calm myself down before proceeding in a more appropriate manner.

This leads me to wonder how dangerous the roads are after a movie like The Transporter, a film that is little more than brief moments of fisticuffs interspersed between car chases. With a couple hundred amped up drivers suddenly on the road as the credits rolled, does the probability of accidents increase?

They would if everyone behaved like me.

We need a study on the issue. Unfortunately, a recent study indicated that most studies suck.

So never mind.